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Fuel Bar

Fuel Good, Feel Good

Our focus is creating balance and indulging in nutrients that make us feel amazing and perform our best. We want to help you fuel your crazy days at the gym, at home, and on the go. Stop at Blend on your way to the spin studio or weight room to grab a pre-workout, guaranteed to get your blood flowing and deliver an explosive, non-jittery performance. Post grind, swing by to refuel so you’re ready to attack the rest of your day and chat with us about taking your healthy lifestyle to the next level.

Fuel Bar

The party isn’t over until you hit the fuel bar! Whether you need a nourishing breakfast, a quick pick-me-up, are looking to build muscle, burn extra fat, or are craving a post sweat sesh smoothie, we’ve got just what your mind + body needs! Energize, refuel & recover – you deserve it.


Our menu boasts high-quality supplements for on-the-go deliciousness while providing you all the micro + macro nutrients your body needs and craves. One smoothie is filled with 24g of protein or more, 24 vitamins + minerals, 3g fiber, less than 10g sugar, all under 250 calories.

Treat yo’self to the perfect combo by adding a protein iced coffee or a mega tea on the side, and don’t forget to check out our add-ons! From collagen to strengthen your hair, skin, and nails, to aloe and probiotics for digestive health, add boosters to your smoothie + energizers to really step up your daily routine and feel ah-mazing.

Interested in making your favs at home? Let us know and we’ll hook you up!


Add a scoop of 18 superfoods to your smoothie or BFOOD to feel refreshed + revitalized! Cramp after killer workouts? No worries, we’ve got something for you too! NutriPlex whole food supplements are made with only the best organic and wildcrafted ingredients that are antibiotic/hormone/steroid-free.

Juice Plus +

We believe creating a healthy lifestyle comes from a daily routine rich in fruits, veggies, grains, and hard work. One of the most powerful, simple changes you can make is adding the nutrition of over 50 plants to your diet through Juice Plus+ Whole Food Nutrition. Children ages 4 – college are free for 4 years, and the gummies are delicious! Contact us to learn more and start today.

Fuel your passion to live a healthy, strong, happy life!