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About Us

Together We Rise

We are on a mission to positively impact as many people as possible with our passion for life and attacking each day with optimism unknown to mankind. SportHouse is a space for everyone, young and old, from different cities, and circumstances to come together and unite over our love of sports and fitness.

Our family has always embraced a positive mindset, making those around us better, and fearlessly working toward being our best selves.

We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to better share this with our surrounding communities and to have a space that brings people together.

Our Mission

Sports run in our veins, as does creating a healthy lifestyle, which is why our goal of providing a wholesome wellness experience for our members matches our commitment to providing youth with top-notch sports performance training and a space to compete.

Seeing people walk through our doors driven to leave stronger, fist pumping and high fiving when goals are accomplished, and build lasting relationships, while parents cheer on their kids, athletes play their hearts out, and teams celebrate a hard-fought victory, is what we strive for.

About Us

We’re here to inspire + ignite, motivate others to live a healthy, positive lifestyle, and bring communities together through sports, fitness & nutrition.

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